Dreams Steps is a new program we've started to help homeless individuals get back on track towards a fulfilling life full of meaning, creativity and purpose.  The idea is to work very closely with our clients to understand their dreams and passions and to use their dreams to inspire them and the people around them to a better life.  Because we believe it's not just enough to feed, shelter and survive.  Human beings are meant to thrive!  We work closely with our clients to form an action plan towards their dreams.  We help them form a plan to get stable housing and earning stable income via jobs or self employment.  We assist with transportation, food, clothing.  We get them out of negative situations and places and into positive uplifting environments and situations.  We try our best to help them with whatever they need to get back on their feet and back to work towards their true dream in life.  Currently we are helping a woman named Sandra. See what we are doing to help her here.   We need your help to get this program off the ground successfully.  Please donate today.