What the kids had to say:

"What I like about the circus is when they were throwing pillows…and flipping and stuff. They were flipping from one bed to another. It was so cool!" ~Janiva

"My best part was the girl that was floating with the balloons. Me and Luca were begging to get at least 2 of those…I thought that circus was awesome! The bus…it was awesome how we rode in the front. Starline. The best bus ever. The seats. That little trip we went on inspired everybody and it was awesome! It was bomb (the food)!" ~Jamal

"The bus had TVs on it and it had a bathroom in it! And it was big! We went to a restaurant and we ate tacos. And my favorite part of the circus was when they were jumping on the beds in the beginning and when they were spinning on hoola hoops." ~Mari 

Cirque Du Soleil donates 50 tickets!
On April 30th, 2008 Cirque Du Soleil donated 50 tickets which allowed us to take approx. 50 kids and their families to see the new Cirque Du Soleil Corteo show. It was an all expense paid trip including dinner at Chipolte Mexican Grill. The kids traveled in style on a Starline deluxe coach. Unlike the last time, this time the kids had money to buy snacks and souvenirs. A special thanks to Christoph Mack of Synapse Product Development and Cirque Du Soleil for making this trip possible. 


"I wanted to expose them to something that would blow their minds and give them a whole new perspective on the world," said William.   "I also wanted them to go in style. Many of these families are large and low income and it is really difficult for them to take the entire family out," he explained.  He believes anything that can be done to make the families stronger and build better relationships between the neighborhood kids and families will make the whole neighborhood stronger and safer.  

 Many thanks to everyone who made the 2008 trip to Cirque du Soleil's Corteo show possible:

Cirque du Soleil