The Star Kids Movie
Youth Film Program

The Star Kids Movie Youth Film program is composed of a Teen Internship Program and a Youth Outreach Program where at-risk kids around the world will be given the opportunity to see free screenings of the film. 

The Star Kids Movie is a new children's film designed to teach kids positive values, in particular Peace, Love, Truth and Unity.  The film present positive role models by showing kids doing positive things versus negative things.  The Star Kids Movie will counter the negative media that is teaching kids wrong values.   

Our kids today are bombarded with increasing amount of negative media that desensitizes them to violence.  The question is, where are they learning this behavior?   One source is video games like "Grand Theft Auto" and many of the TV shows and music that today‚Äôs kids are bombarded with, all of which adds fuel to an already raging fire.

The Star Kids Movie will help educate kids and bring attention to this problem.

The Star Kids Youth Outreach Program is designed to get the movie out to as many kids as possible.  To do this we are building a worldwide network of distribution volunteers and working with a worldwide network of distribution/community partners, such as the Boy's and Girl's Clubs, community orgs, volunteers and schools. 

The Star Kids internship program allows teens to become production assistants and help make the film.

Our goal is that one million kids worldwide will see the film and learn from it's positive message.

For more on this movie please visit the official website here.