William Sky Spiritdancer - Executive Director

was born near Houston Texas. He attended college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked as a software programmer, designer and consultant for several prominent software companies and start-ups such as Knowledge Adventure and Cap Gemini Consulting. He also founded several tech companies such as Creative Minds, Creative Paradigm, Mind Link, The Computer Guys, iGuru and Power Stream.    

But it was in 1999 at the pinnacle of his high tech career, feeling dead, trapped and totally uninspired that he cried out for help with the question:  "What is inspiration?"

To his surprise he received an answer. He started writing about how we are all born with a passion and a purpose, that play and joy are the keys to discovering them and that fear is what keeps them from us. But, most importantly, that there is a loving Higher Power that is always there, guiding and protecting us. He calls this information, “The Dream Power Message.”

Taking a leap of "Faith", he dedicated his life towards getting this message out and in 2000 he founded Dream Power. He then wrote a book called "The Dream Warrior's Handbook", a guide for dreamers everywhere.  He taught seminars and workshops about it.  He continues to teach “Dream Power” though a series of educational essays, journalings vlogs and short stories dealing with the subject at his blog Dream Warrior.

In 2006 he and his wife Roxann founded the Dream Power Foundation, a Seattle based non-profit, to inspire kids, adults and those less fortunate via art and creativity.

Applying the Dream Power Message to his own life, William realized that his calling was to be a spiritual filmmaker. To that end, he started by making short films including, "Japanese Garden". In 2004 he completed the documentary "Journey of the Dream Warrior". In 2008 he won the Nokia/Pangea Day Mobile Filmmaking Awards Daily Prize photo competition.In 2010 he was on the Community Advisory Council for SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival)

He currently lives in Seattle with his wife and four children. He can be reached via email here.